Industrial Sectors

The expert journeymen in our state-of-the-art CNC machine shop can produce parts, sub-assemblies, or automation systems for many different industries. From the chemical, pharmaceutical, or food processing industries, to printing as well as oil and gas, our products serve a wide variety of applications outside those for power generation.

Wind Power Generation

Schmidt Industries is a major manufacturer of replacement components for the wind turbine industry. We custom manufacture all moving internal components in house and serve wind power providers nationwide. With a sample part or print, we can custom fabricate any internal wind power part.

We manufacture: generator couplings, main shaft bearings, power slip rings, pitch control slip rings, and permanent magnet generators.


Power Generation

Schmidt Industries entered the steam turbine generation business almost half a century ago. Since then our capabilities now stretch globally, serving the power generation industry in the following sectors:

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Converting nature’s renewable resources into energy is something to which Schmidt Industries is committed, and we serve several Biomass Utilities as a result. We have a long history of dedication to the biomass industry—even before it became a well-known term in the modern lexicon.



Supporting environmentally friendly power alternatives takes place every time we provide parts and service to our customer base of Geothermal Utilities. Utilizing the natural forces of the earth is an environmentally responsible way to produce energy, and several of our customers—who are geothermal power generating facilities—help us to keep the environment clean using steam, naturally.


Oil & Gas

Financial viability and competitive, value-added capabilities are among only some of the reasons why Schmidt Industries makes sense to our customers in the oil and gas sector. We provide innovative delivery costs and a distinct service advantage over our competitors.

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Because Schmidt Industries works so closely with utilities and municipalities, bank card processing is a service that we are pleased to offer. We provide transaction processing solutions to utilities for their customers nationwide.

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