Routine Service

Our routine services involve the full inspection, disassembly, cleaning, NDT analysis, and repair of all turbine parts. We can perform removal of rotor blades, straightening and balancing of rotor shafts, and unstacking of built-up rotors.

We can also handle the replacement of blades, valves, seals, vane segments, couplings, stems, studs, linkages, and trip and throttle components. Our repertoire of routine turbine services is vast; call us at 989-684-3216 or contact us for more details.

  • Field Engineering Services
  • Component Replacement and Repair
  • Shell and Rotor Refurbishment
  • Metallurgical Analysis and Inspection
  • Full NDT Analysis and Reporting
  • Programmable CMM
  • X-Ray Capability
  • Long Term Service Agreements