Field Support & Engineering

Schmidt Industries employs a team of highly qualified, skilled engineers to assess and improve mechanical, control, and instrumentation-related turbine functioning. Our team of dedicated professionals regularly works with our customers in providing expertise during both scheduled and unscheduled outages.

Field Engineering Services

  • Scheduled and Unscheduled Outages
  • Control Systems and Retrofits
  • On-site Reverse Engineering
  • Fuel Conversions
  • Generator Overhauls
  • Project/Site Management
  • Plant Commissioning
  • Emergency Service Retrofits
  • Condition Monitoring and Diagnostics
  • Technical Support
  • Contractual Services
  • Resource Allocation
  • Logistics Management
  • Plant Relocation
  • Installation Services of All Kinds
  • Automation Repair, Conveyor, and Belt Services
  • Coal-Handling Equipment Repairs
  • Coal Mill Maintenance


There are many benefits of having a field engineering team. With the full-package capability of highly-trained field engineers, the benefits of both thorough problem identification and solutions are all combined in one. The many benefits of joining with our team of engineers at Schmidt Industries include: complimentary inspection, fixed price schedule, twenty-four hour availability, and conscientious, risk-trained individuals to meet your every overhaul need. We are also a single-point contact for outages, mobilization, planning and engineering, remote monitoring and diagnostics within the framework of an established contract. All this serves to make overhauls problem free.